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Building Healthy Academic Communities across the U.S. to Prevent & Manage Chronic Conditions: A Panel Discussion

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The Ohio State University, Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) and National Consortium for Building Healthy Academic Communities (BHAC) are proud to host this discussion on innovative solutions to the serious issue of chronic disease and the frequent co-morbidity of mental health problems. While issues of cardiovascular disease, for example, are commonly discussed in the media today, this panel discussion will differentiate itself by highlighting the value of screening and educating individuals. The brief web-based curriculum can serve as a successful example of policy and action for how we should educate the public about other common chronic conditions.


Patients and Payment Reforms: Role of Patient-Reported Outcomes in Paying for Value Evolution

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Policymakers continue the quest for payment reforms that will transition our healthcare system to one that promotes value over volume.  As the recipients of healthcare, patients play a critical role in evaluating the quality of care delivered and outcomes achieved.  After all, delivering patient-centered care requires understanding and meeting the needs of the patient.


Chronic Disease Awareness Day at the Capitol

WHEN: March 5, 2015

WHERE: Old Supreme Court Chambers
200 W Colfax, Denver, CO

Past Events


Briefing on improvements to Maryland’s health exchange marketplace

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease (PFCD) will hold a briefing on needed improvements to Maryland’s health care exchange. A new study by PFCD and a public opinion research poll sponsored by MedChi will provide new data and analysis of actual patient experiences and public perceptions around improving health care delivered through the exchange marketplace.


Chronic Disease & the New Healthcare Landscape in Iowa

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease invites you to join PFCD Policy Director Candace DeMatteis and a panel of experts as they discuss the healthcare exchange in Iowa and how it affects patients in the state living with chronic disease.

To RSVP, email Nate Prouty at NProuty@pubaffairsco.com.


Chronic Disease, Patient Protections and the ACA: Addressing Access and Affordability

Join us for a provocative healthcare discussion hosted by the national Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease.  While enjoying a complimentary breakfast, learn from health policy experts, physicians and patient advocates how the ACA is impacting the accessibility and affordability of healthcare in California - and what patient protections must be addressed in 2015.


Connecticut Renews the Fight in Chronic Disease

Please join us in welcoming Ken Thorpe, Ph.D. Chairman of the Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease and co-director of Emory Center on Health Outcomes and Quality as he updates us on ongoing national efforts to address disease prevention and the treatment of chronic disease in the new healthcare exchanges.


Chronic Disease: Solving this Public Health Epidemic

Chronic, non-communicable diseases now account for more than 83 percent of the $3.8 trillion the US spends on health care. Not surprisingly the percentage is significantly higher among Medicare patients, with an increasing number of patients suffering from multiple chronic conditions.

The Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease joins with local Oregon leaders in the fight against chronic disease -- featuring the Oregon Medical Association, American Diabetes Association and One in Four Chronic Health -- to host an interactive discussion forum in Portland, Oregon, to examine the social and economic impact of chronic disease and explore efforts underway to solve this public health epidemic.


Obesity in America - what it means for our economy

Luncheon discussion regarding the obesity and its impact on the U.S. economy and health with an emphasis on Washington state. The event will examine work that is being done on a local level, national trends, and the role of government in this arena.

A panel discussion will feature:

  • Ken Thorpe, Ph.D, Executive Director, Partnership to Fight Chronic Disease
  • Tommy G. Thompson, Former Governor of Wisconsin and U.S. Health and Human Services Secretary
  • Dr. Lenna Liu, Seattle Children's Research Institute
  • Dr. Ellen Schur, UW Nutrition and Obesity Research Centre
  • Emily Cooper, Founder and Medical Director, Diabesity Research Foundation


Cancer and employment: managing work during a health crisis

During a lifetime, one in two men and one in three women will be diagnosed with cancer. Medical advances allowing earlier diagnosis and less taxing treatment regimens have not only extended survival, but also enabled cancer patients to remain at work during treatment.

Employers play a major role in helping cancer patients and survivors stay gainfully employed during and after treatment, but many admit needing help navigating the many sensitive issues that arise. Understanding the personal, employment, and legal issues involved can be a challenge to navigate raising many policy implications.


Chronic Disease, Productivity, and Policy Implications

Did you know that more than 3 out 4 federal workers has at least one chronic condition? That less than a third is currently being treated? That productivity losses just for the federal workforce amount to more than $6 billion a year and the equivalent of 26,000 people not showing up at work each day? The costs of chronic diseases clearly extend well beyond the costs of medical care.


Top Tips for Creating a Healthy, Engaged Workforce

Healthy company cultures drive productivity and engagement. With these issues and healthcare costs directly impacting the bottom line, National Employee Wellness Month highlights the workplace’s role in helping create healthy employees, and how they’ll mold a better business. This important month helps business leaders learn how to successfully engage employees by creating healthy cultures that improve their well-being while boosting engagement and productivity and lowering healthcare costs.


Obesity Awareness News Conference

Join former Governor of Wisconsin and Secretary of Health and Human Services Tommy G. Thompson and Director of the Michigan Department of Community Health, James K. Haveman for a news conference on obesity awareness:

Wednesday, June 18 2014
Michigan Capitol Building,

110 S. Capitol Ave, Lansing, MI 48933
Speakers Library (Third Floor, at the end of the West Corridor)

1:00 pm – 1:45 pm